The Project

Italy’s youth unemployment rate is amongst the highest in Europe, having reached a staggering 44% in 2014. Further, the gap against EU peers is widening alarmingly.

Beyond these numbers lies a loss of human potential, productivity, and an increasing phenomenon of brain drain as young talents move to more attractive job markets.

ReGen aims at contributing to the reversal of this trend, by focusing on forging stronger bridges between future employers and ambitious students.

The goal is to empower young people to become “internpreneurs” and regenerate sustainable growth in Italy by being the catalyst of a dynamic internship culture.

More Info

  • Recruitment

    The Venice Hub, partnering with established universities, selects a poll of high-value candidates on the basis of their motivation, skills, and commitment.

  • Training

    Selected students are provided with modules to develop technical and professional skills ready to be applied in their internship.

  • Internship

    Companies selected among top Italian business receive privileged access to the ReGen student talent pool and benefit from added value of selection and training.

  • Giving Back

    ReGen participants are required to give back to society by partaking in no-profit activities.