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  • Shape Italy

The Project

Shape Italy is the meeting of the Italian hubs of the Global Shapers Community.

The edition 2016, from June 24th to June 26th, was hosted by the Venice Hub in the prestigious location of Ca’ Foscari University with the title “Together We Shape, a Think&Do Tank on the immigration emergency”.

Partners: Ca’ Foscari University, Ca’ Foscari Alumni, EY

Media Partner: La Stampa

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Partially open to the public, promoted a roundtable of people directionally involved in the matter, both institutional and not, to introduce concrete proposals to improve the management of the welcoming process, and subsequent integration of immigrants.


The goal was to develop the Italian manifesto of best practices on immigration and integration, in order to foster political and institutional change on such topics for the years to come.


We decided to start RefugIT, the new two-year project by Italian hubs to create, with the various stakeholders (newly landed immigrants, citizens, governments, NGOs on the ground), a common framework to improve the welcoming process, and subsequent integration, of immigrants