The Project

The Italian hubs of the Global Shapers Community are partners of Va’ Sentiero, the project of three young Italians who will re-discover Sentiero Italia.

There exists a forgotten hiking trail that crosses all Italian ranges, uniting the Boot from sea to sea and across the mountains. It is the Sentiero Italia and it is the longest trek in the world .“.

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4275 miles
1.150.000 feet of elevation gain
20/20 regions crossed
6 Na tural UNESCO Sites
368 s t ages

Spring 2019: the journey of Va’ Sentiero starts. Yuri, Sara and Giacomo will personally hike the Sentiero in its entirety, on foot of course. Step after step, they will share their experience through social media: the wonders, the encounters, the food, the accents…the adventure! They will also collect all the useful and technical info about the trail in a dedicated web platform, in order to inspire people to discover the Sentiero Italia. Furthermore, Va’ Sentiero, featuring Global Shapers, are organising public events at some stages of the journey: there will be music, food, culture, talks and workshops.
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