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The Project

The project addresses the loneliness and social isolation that the Covid-19 pandemic has created among the most vulnerable groups of the population.

We are working side by side with a willing group of trained and experienced readers to reach the elderlies and people with disability in our region.

How? Reading short stories out loud, often accompanied by evocative music and images, live and online. We are currently reading for four audiences, and the project is going to take off in some other nursing homes and cooperatives. We are also training new readers who have already joined us as observers and advisors and will soon be fully part of our daily activities.  

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Partially open to the public, promoted a roundtable of people directionally involved in the matter, both institutional and not, to introduce concrete proposals to improve the management of the welcoming process, and subsequent integration of immigrants.


The goal was to develop the Italian manifesto of best practices on immigration and integration, in order to foster political and institutional change on such topics for the years to come.


We decided to start RefugIT, the new two-year project by Italian hubs to create, with the various stakeholders (newly landed immigrants, citizens, governments, NGOs on the ground), a common framework to improve the welcoming process, and subsequent integration, of immigrants